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Blood-red Rubies. Fire-red Rubies. Colour that burns along Rubies veins, and gives brightness to the night. If you’re looking for the colour of life itself, look no further than the red of Rubies. Rubies are the gemstones that bring red to vivid life. Rubies are the “king of gems,” Rubies are one of the world’s oldest most revered gemstones. They are also one of the rarest. The mineral Chromium is responsible for Rubies startling colours. Rubies with hardly any inclusions are so rare that large stones of good colour fetch higher prices at auction than even diamonds. Fiery and romantic, showing brilliant depth and intensity, the red hue of Rubies is certain to draw attention. In settings that focus attention on voluptuous colour, Rubies send a message of drop-dead glamour and femininity. Geometric-inspired jewellery designs featuring Rubies are equally appealing to both men and women who seek to convey strength, honor and classic style. Rubies are the gem most often bestowed on those born in July as well as those born under the sign of Aries. Rubies arresting hue speaks of passion and love, making it a stunning gem option for the celebration of the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. This Rubies selection includes commercial quality – ideal for repairs along with a consistent supply calibrated Ruby. Larger sizes are available as part of the Black Box Gemstone® collection. While Rubies are produced in the following countries Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Tanzania and Madagascar, almost 90% of the world’s production of Rubies are from Myanmar. However due to human rights abuses in this country, the United States government has banned imports from Myanmar, making on-hand supply of Rubies limited. However offered are a small assortment of untreated Rubies from Madagascar. Thailand was once a major contributor of Rubies to the world, producing the famous “Siam” Rubies.

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